Monday, July 2, 2012

☆June Favorites!

Darn you Macbook! It keeps telling me I'm spelling favorites wrong.. I could've sworn I've been spelling it like this my entire life. I apologize in advance for any variations in my spelling. Sometimes I feel the need to change it and show the computer who's boss here, then sometimes I say give in and let the computer do what it wants. #canadianspellingproblems

Let's get down to business here:


Ok.. I'm kind of over excited, but favorites are well.. my favorite! I love reading/watching anything that has to do with favorites!

This month they are all stunners and I adore them all but I have to say my stand out product is my Clinique Even Better Foundation. I feel like it's really helped even and brighten my complexion while helping to fade acne scars. I know what you're all thinking.. Isn't an awful lot from a foundation? I have been using my Clarisonic with my ProActiv 3 step system and there is something about this foundation that is helping my skin along because it has not looked this good in a long time. On top of all that it has nice light/medium coverage which is perfect for somebody with acne in the summertime because it doesn't feel heavy while covering any spots.

I've just noticed that Maybelline gets the brand award this month since I have their beauty balm, color tattoo eyeshadow and baby lips all in my favorites. Lately I've been using the beauty balm all over my face to moisturize and to protect my face/neck from the sun because of it's SPF 30. Then I use the Clinique Even Better foundation to go over any places I feel need extra coverage. I use the Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze on my lip and lined below my bottom lashes and it gives the perfect bronzy beach girl look. I stole the idea from Seventeen magazine.. Is it bad that it's still my favorite and I'm 21? I haven't found a magazine that can replace it yet especially the makeup part! The only part I have no use for is the dating tips.. I think my boyfriend would find it kinda strange if I started going on with some of the things they tell you to do in there haha! And then the baby lips which smell delish and is so moisturizing. I think I like this more than my Smith's Rosebud Salve which is good because baby lips are cheaper and much cuter.

Benefit's Hervana is just the best! I haven't stopped using it since I bought it almost 2 months ago. I usually never commit to a product like that. I use it alone or I'll put Posietint/ChaChatint under it and the stains glow through.

Last but not least there is Bath and Body Works summer vanillas? "But Ashlee?", you say, "weren't they from last years summer scents?" Then I say "GUUUURRRRLL, you need to check out the semi-annual sale!". So I got the Summer Vanillas Apricot this 2 weeks ago at the semi-annual sale for $1.25 but the lemon body spray is my back up from last year. I like to smell like a tall glass of lemonade during the summer. I do believe that the sale ends today though so GO GURL GO!



  1. Once again, so jealous that you get bath and bodyworks and we don't! I absolutely love going there when I'm visiting my family in San Diego, and I missed their sale by a day! Have you used any of the other Clinique foundations? I've used the Superbalanced one and the Redness Solutions one, and I was thinking about trying the Even Better one to see if I like it any better

  2. I'm so happy we have Bath and Body Works here! We just got ours last year :) Now if we'd had a Lush and Sephora here, I'd be ecstatic! This is actually my first Clinique foundation :D How did you like the Superbalanced and Redness solutions? I absolutely love the Even Better.. it's so good! :)


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