Monday, July 30, 2012

☆How I (Almost) Stopped Biting My Nails!

Hey Guys,

Here's a little secret about me.. promise you won't tell? Ok.. I'm a "reformed" raging nail biter! I was one of the worst you probably would ever see. My fingernails were so bad that there was almost no nails left. I think I picked up this habit from my Dad. His nails are tore apart all the time which is not really the look I'm going for. My nails are still messed up from how bad I used to chew them down and I started chewing them when I was around 12. Now I must admit, when I got my braces on, this had a bit to do with the reduced nail biting. (Ever tried to bite your nails right after getting your braces tightened? Ouch!). When I got really stressed though, I would still bite through the pain. Prom was coming up and my esthetician was getting worried and was telling me to get an appointment for gel nails. I was so against this because I'm weird and get freaked out imagining those on my fingers.

Some of my worst nightmares consist of my nails getting ripped off. The Ring ruined me.. Eww.. Anyways, I had to do something so..

1) I started with buying the Sally Hansen Nail Biter polish: This stuff tastes disgusting and turned me from biting my nails but this didn't end the biting completely. I got desperate to bite my nails and bared with the taste so..

2) Then I bought fake nails:  This not only helped me see how pretty nails could be, it also was a barrier to stop me from being able to touch/bite my real nails. After I got used to fake nails and saw my nails growing out a little bit..

3) I invested in some pretty nail polish colors: I'm not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing because nail polish is now my addiction.. bad news for my pocketbook.. good news for my fingers. Investing in some pretty colors opened up a new world.. and I wanted to be a part of it! When my nails were really short I'd paint my fake nails and realized this was the look I wanted to achieve!

4) Then I bought nail growth serum: This sped up the nail growth process so I could wear my new nail polish proudly! My new favorite is the Sally Hansen Green Tea and Bamboo nail strengthener.

My nails ended up growing out enough so I could have a natural french manicure at my grad! Yay!

Remember: It is extremely hard to stop biting your nails (it took me years) so don't feel defeated if you can't stop right away! Take it step by step and you will get where you want to be. My nails still aren't where I want them. I still bite them now and again when I'm stressed or have a test coming up but not nearly as bad as I used too!

Are any of you nail biters or former nail biters? If your a former nail biter, how did you stop/what are your tips? If your a nail biter, please let us know if these tips helped!

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