Tuesday, July 31, 2012

☆Liebster Award!

Hey Guys!

I've been nominated by Sarah at Miss Sarah's Beauty Reviews for a Liebster Award! Yay! :D I'm very excited since this is my first ever award and I'm extremely honoured! Here are the rules:

The award is for new bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules are as followed:

Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
Follow the tagger and at visit at least three nominees

11 Things About Myself:

1. Bonjour! I'm bilingual and I've been speaking french since Kindergarden.
2. I'm from a small town (compared to most towns across Canada) in Newfoundland but at the same time, it's one of the biggest towns in Newfoundland.
3. I love to learn how to play new instruments! I sing, play tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums, flute, violin and I'm starting on the accordion. One day I'll learn to play the ugly stick ;) Please check out the link. If not you'll be so confused.. lol!
4. Some of my favorite tv shows are True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and Sex in the City.
5. I went on a family trip to Nashville a few years ago and I could seriously live there! I loved it so much!
6. I'm obsessed with Archie comics! 
7.  I love trying new things! I'll try anything once!
8. My favorite restaurants ever are Cora's, Swiss Chalet and Menchies. All the main food groups there ;)
9. I'm a very shy and quiet person. I've always wanted to do makeup videos on Youtube but my shyness got the best of me so I started blogging and I love it!
10. I'm kind of obsessed with American Eagle. I love the easy but cute looks you can put together with their clothes. 
11. I have my boating license and I love going to our cabin and going for a spin around the lake by the cabin! If I could boat across the world, I would be game!

Sarah's Questions:

1.What got you into makeup? 
Definitely watching Youtube videos. It all started by looking up how to do a nail design and then spiralled onto makeup! Now I'm hooked!
2.What is your favorite food/drink of all time?
I could eat Mac and Cheese all day everyday.. Or Jiggs Dinner! Favorite drink would be chocolate milk or caramel frap from Starbucks.
3.Do you have any pets?
I don't have any pets but I do have an adorable kitty who is our neighbours pet and she comes to visit me and my boyfriend almost every night.
4.Favorite scent?
Anything fruity or fresh smelling!
5.Who's your favorite singer/band as of right now?
Hedley!! I have been a Hedley fan since they first came out and I still love them very much!
6.Whats a pet peeve that you have?
Nothing really bothers me! The only thing I can think of is when people squeak styrofoam.
7.Whats your dream job?
I would love to work at Seventeen Magazine! 
8.Who is one person you look up to and why?
This is more of a group of people but Entrepreneurs! They start something from nothing most times and grow their business to do great things! Very smart people!
9.What cheers you up when your having a bad day?
The rare time I do have a bad day, my boyfriend cheers me up! Or Menchies!
10.If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?
London or Paris! 
11.Whats one unique talent that you posses?
This is a toughie.. I suppose I could be a one girl band if I wanted too.. Imagine playing all those instruments at once? lol!

Here are my questions for you guys:

1. What's your favorite candy?
2. What was your favorite tv show when you were younger?
3. Do you have a nickname?
4. What is your current favorite song?
5. What do you usually order at Starbucks(or any other coffee shop)? 
6. What's your favorite perfume?
7. If you could go on a $10,000 shopping spree anywhere, where would it be?
8. If you could learn something new today, what would it be?
9. What is your favorite makeup store and favorite clothing store?
10. What is a product you regret buying?
11. Pancakes or French Toast?

I Nominate:

Crazed and Caffeinated Beauty
OPInionated About OPI
Blonde Brittany
Miss Meliss

Thank you all again for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! I love you all!




    1. Congrats on the award! That is so great! And I am a shy person too, so I relate to that!

    2. Thank you so much! :D Sometimes I wish I wasn't so darn shy haha! :)

    3. Congrats girly!:) Thanks a lot for nominating me as well, I really appreciate it<3
      Just added your link to the award section of my blog:D

    4. Bonjour! That's awesome you speak two languages! Thank you thank you for nominating us! We were nominated for this award last month but thanks again for thinking of us! I loved reading your answers!

      1. Haha Merci beaucoup! And thank you for stopping by and checking it out! :D

    5. Yay! You made my day lady!!I love these questions and answers about other people!

      1. I'm glad! :D Thank you for coming by and checking it out :D

    6. Yay loved this post!

    7. thats so neat that you have a boating license!
      just found your blog from the hop and excited to be your newest follower!
      ps. stop by and say hi @ lavitaebella-elisabeth.blogspot.com

      1. Thank you! I will definitely stop by~! Please visit again soon! :D

    8. I would LOVE to visit Newfoundland. You have no idea how much I've wanted to go ever since Social Studies 10 about 14 years ago! I play the violin too! That's so awesome that you know how to play all those instruments! My dream instruments to learn are cello and harp.

      1. Ou! It's nice here during the summer! The wintertime we get dumped with snow though LOL! Unless you like winter sports! We have an amazing ski hill called Marble Mountain! I have lots of pictures on my instagram from all around Newfoundland if you would like to see some sights! :) That's awesome! OMG! I would love to learn to play cello and harp! They sound amazing!

    9. I WISH I knew how to speak french! Your soo lucky!
      True Blood is my fav.. such a good show!
      Thanks for nominating me! I already got this award before but thanks for thinking about me!


      1. No problem girl~! :D I love speaking french.. it's such a nice language! French is very popular here in Newfoundland. There's actually a mainly french speaking town an hour from my hometown~! :) True Blood is getting so good now isn't it!!


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