Friday, July 20, 2012

☆What's in my Purse?

I was watching the Flamingo Blush girls' Youtube channel recently when it dawned on me.. I've never done a What's in my Purse post! Isn't it like.. the most beloved video around in the beauty community?

Well today that changes because here's what's in my purse!

My purse is a Coach Poppy that I received a few years ago on my birthday.

A few essentials that I keep are my wallet, sunglasses and lip products (gotta be done!).. Oops, I think I may have thrown in some Newfie Slang there.

I also have a menu for Smoke's Poutine which just opened in my town. If you guys are ever near a location you should check it out because its so delicious! Just looking at the menu makes me drool!

So there we have it! Please check out my friends Gigi and Pitts over at flamingo blush!


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