Sunday, August 5, 2012

☆Road Trip Beauty Tips

Hey Guys,

This is a post I wrote a couple of days ago which I forgot to post! It's my tips on preventing any makeup troubles while on the road! Here we go:

So I'm currently on an 8 hour road trip with my boyfriend to our hometown for a little vacation away from the city. I decided to take a quick break from being the moose eyes to root through my makeup bag. It's also smoldering hot here today and my bf's car has no air conditioning so I was trying to find a way to get my mind off the heat. I keep my makeup to a bare minimum when travelling but this day we had to go to dinner as soon as we got in town. I've now discovered that there are many makeup misshapes that can happen in such heat so im here with a few solutions to car boredom and overheating.

Chapped lips (due to warm wind hitting you in the face)- you need a good lip chap when in your car because the air conditioning or wind will be hitting you in the face and drying them out. I hauled out my korres lip butter in pomegranate because it's super moisturizing while being pretty and bright!

Oily skin- With all that sun hitting your face your bound to oil up a little. I took out my urban decay deslick and sprayed away. It felt so refreshing!

Sunscreen- Ever heard of a drivers tan? Lol! Whether you're on the drivers side or passenger side, you don't want one side of your body more tanned than the other.

I also tried to curl my lashes for something to do but that apparently can get a little bit dangerous so I wouldn't recommend that!

Update: My boyfriend had drivers tan! He should've worn his sunscreen! :)

Do you guys wear any makeup on road trips? Do you have any tips/recommendations for makeup while travelling?

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