Wednesday, September 26, 2012

☆Lip Loves: Fall Edition

Fall is here guys!

There's something about this time of year that makes me want to cozy up in my favourite sweater, drink hot chocolate, light a Bath and Body Works candle (Pumpkin Cupcake.. Yum!) and wear dark lipstick. I thought this would be an awesome time to show you some of my favourite fall colours! So get your sweaters and boots ready and have your vampy lipstick in tow because it's fall girls!

A lot of these are mainly Revlon because I think Revlon does the best lip products in the drugstore! I have never been disappointed by a lip product I've bought from Revlon. They are always super creamy, long lasting and they don't dry out your lips!

Here are my lovelies..
L-R: Revlon Mauve, MAC Syrup. Rimmel Vintage Pink, Revlon Berry Haute, Covergirl Burn, Revlon Black Cherry

We can't forget lip butters! These are perfect for the colder weather because lips tend to get dry and chapped so these will give your lips colour while keeping them moisturized. Have you guys ever wondered what makes them so moisturizing? According to Revlon's website they have "hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula". Sounds good enough to eat!

L-R: Revlon Berry Smoothie, Revlon Raspberry Pie, Revlon Cherry Tart

Do you guys switch up your lip colours during the fall? What are some of your favourite fall lipsticks? Would you be interested in seeing a favourite fall nail polishes post?

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