Friday, September 28, 2012

Review☆N°7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes

Hey Guys,

Today I bring you my new favourite makeup wipes! These are N°7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes which claim to cleanse, tone, moisturize and remove eye makeup as well as being fragrance free.

According to these wipes have Vitamin Pro-B5 plus extracts of witch hazel and fennel which help cleanse pores, moisturize and leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and fresh. These wipes just damp enough to get all your makeup off and are not sopping wet. They come with 30 in a pack which is great because they will last the whole month!

These swatches didn't know what was coming..
 N°7 wipes vs. Fall Lip Loves

Some nights when I'm too lazy to do my ProActiv 3 Step Routine, I just use one of these and it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin leaving clean and fresh. My skin is super sensitive and usually breaks out when I use any products that aren't specifically made for sensitive skin but these haven't broken my skin out and this is my third pack!

I definitely recommend these wipes to anybody who can get their hands on them! They're awesome and do a great job of taking your makeup off quickly at the end of a long day.

Have you tried these makeup wipes? If not, what are your favourites that you have tried?

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