Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Post☆Maybelline Line Stiletto Review

Hey Guys!

Today I'm so excited because I have Huda from Huda's Beauty as a guest blogger! She has an amazing blog where she does awesome reviews and eyeshadow that looks like art! If you haven't already seen her blog, please go over and check it out! 

I've been having an eye on this eyeliner ever since I first heard and used its mascara counterpart (which by the way is one of my favorites!). As impressed as was with its mascara, I had high expectations with the eyeliner as well. 

Firstly, it's probably one of the least expensive drugstore mascaras I own. I bought this at Walgreens for just $5 with tax & no coupons! 

So this is an "ultimate precision liquid eyeliner," which means it has a very tiny applicator to give you maximum control with how thick or thin you want to apply it. It also makes it very easy to apply overall. If you're like me and have shaky hands or just overall really suck at applying liner, this one is good for you because it's pretty much effortless, and it does the hard work for you! I wing my liner out all the time, and it's really easy to do with this eyeliner as well.

I like the way it's very sleek, compact, and carries a TON of product! It's super pigmented as well with rich, even color. Be careful not to put too much pressure when applying this because it's THAT pigmented! This swatch is just one swipe applied with a VERY light hand...

One thing I really like about this eyeliner is the flexible eyeliner. One thing to note here is that just because it's flexible does NOT mean it's flimsy! I like its flexibility because everyone has different eye lids and eye shapes, and the flexibility allows the applicator to conform to all the curves of your eye so that it goes on flawlessly. 
One thing this product claims to do is that it lasts up to eight hours, and I'm pleased to say that it really does. It hasn't budged, faded, or smeared on me. It's not waterproof, though, which is the only real "con" I have about this product. Otherwise, I love it, and would highly recommend! :)

Awesome review and thank you so much Huda for being a guest blogger! I loved having you! Please go check her out at Huda's Beauty!

P.S: If any of you are interested in guest posting and sharing your tips, reviews or tutorials, please send me an e-mail because I love to feature you guys!

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  1. I do not like this eyeliner, I only bought it because I was trying to spend a little less that day. But I tried it and it just didn't meet my standards. I usually like to use Sephoras Eyeliner which is now $10 but I hadn't been around Sephora. This eyeliner came out too streaky for me, and i shook it up, maybe it was just the product after settling, not sure. I tried both brown and black. But you should try the Maybelline Precise eyeliner.. I forgot the exact name but it's in a black thin tube that resembles this one. And it is amazing.


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