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☆New Maybelline 24HR Metal Color Tattoo Review + Swatches

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Today I have a special guest post my friend Sabina who writes an awesome blog called Beauty blogs and more. She does wonderful reviews, she is always on top of the newest products and scores such amazing finds at stores! I'm hooked on her blog and I know you guys will be as well, so please go check her blog out! Take it away Sabina!

Hi Lovelies!

My name is Sabina and I write over at Beauty Blogs & More. I'm a self proclaimed beauty junkie who likes to share her interests with others.  Right from the start I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ashlee for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her amazing blog (Yay to my first guest post). I was at school when I read her email and it literally boosted my spirits. It's amazing how a community of like minded people can establish friendships without even knowing each other.  I love that I always get the inside scope on new products, hyped ones, and ones that aren't so great. I can never go a day without reading blogs from my subscription list, it has not only become a part of my daily routine but something that is very dear to me. Thanks again Ashlee, and thank you to the readers who support blogs like Ashlee's and mine!!

I've seen these Color Tattoo eyeshadows countless times while browsing through the beauty isles however I never thought to get them. There's some items that I simply just stare at without buying, then out of impulse randomly they'll come home with me ..does anyone else do that?  Last Thursday I had finished majority of my assignments for my university classes and I needed some retail therapy so I made it my mission to come home with some new goods. While I was walking through Wal-Mart I noticed quite a few new products. For starters, Maybelline has a new lipstick line out, as well as a new mascara! These eyeshadows were among some of the newly released items. I was drawn to these shades because they were soft and neutral for day to day wear. I decided against the gold/ dark blue because it isn't something I wear on a daily basis.Typically I go for a bronzey eye, a light shade on the lid, and a darker color in the crease to amplify the look and give it a bit of depth. I thought this would be a nice change, and the colors paired together look really nice. 

Here's a break down of the product it self and my thoughts!

Quick Description: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are a modern twist to the average powder eyeshadow. They are gel based which allows them to go on like a dream; also they are long lasting, and intense.

Packaging: I really enjoy the packaging on these little guys, they are housed in their own glass jar. The bottom of it is clear so you can see the color visibly. The cap screws off easily and the name of the shadow is labelled on the cap. The product feels like something you would want to spend your money on,  it doesn't feel cheap by any means. 

Pigmentation: I'd say the color pay off is really rich, you can simply swipe once for a lightened effect however if you want the color more deeper you can build it up which I think is fantastic. You don't have to apply any pressure to pick up the shadows, with a swirl of your finger you have  plenty of product that'll spread across your eyelid. The color in the pot is true to the color on your skin, when applied it gives off a frosted/ metallic finish.

Consistency/ Formula: The formula itself is great to work with, as mentioned above it's a gel/ cream consistency. It's silky, smooth and easy to spread when first applied that is. After a little while the product does set and it may be a bit hard to fix edges however,  it isn't something that dries right when it comes into contact with the skin, you have some time to work with. 

So my reasoning behind these colors..I loved them individually, and I loved them even more together. In the store I thought 'Inked in Pink' was more on the maroon side however after coming home and opening it I noticed that it was more of a light pink regardless I still think it's super pretty. Barely Branded is a champagne color, perfect for all skin tones it's somewhat shimmery and frosty. Inked in Pink is another pretty light pink color frosted as well!

TIP: If you wanted to do a matching look using colors within the same range you could use barely branded with Bad to the bronze/ Tough as Taupe to intensify. Likewise using inked in pink with pomegranate punk would darken the look, and create a smokey effect.

Remember how I said the colors set after a while, check out the below pic. I had rinsed my hand under water and gave it a quick scrub and the colors were still in contact. It's nice to know that your eyeshadows aren't going to crease away/ disappear by the end of the day. The lasting power is really great!

What I love...
-The colors: Come in a variety, if your into bolder shades there is something for you
-The formula: Creamy, and super easy to work with, and lasts!
- The application: Swirl and swipe, it's that easy
-The price was fair ($6.96 I believe)

Overall thoughts: I think this product is great in so many ways. I think it's super convenient for the girl on the go! All you need is your finger and the eyeshadow, no brushes required. Personally I think that using a brush would sheer out the color. Barely Branded is a great all over shade, if your in a rush it'll surely help you look more awake and keep your eyes brightened. I love that you can amp the look up my using more color or keep in on the casual by just applying one layer. I am definitely going to get my hands on some of these shadows..

....the Verdict- a PASS from me lol! 

I hope this wasn't too much to take in, I've noticed the length is a bit long haha. I hope you enjoyed this post. A big thank you for reading, and a big thank you to Ashlee for letting me guest post on her blog The Makeup Wonderland. 

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