Wednesday, December 5, 2012

☆Review: Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Hot Flash

Hey Guys!

Today I have a special guest post from the lovely Natalie (Natalielovesbeauty). She has awesome tips, reviews and nail of the day posts. Every time she posts about nail polish, I always want to run out and buy the color she talked about! She's so sweet and does an amazing job blogging so please go check her out! Now without further ado.. Take it away Natalie!

Hello there!

I am beyond excited to have been invited by the lovely Ashlee to do a guest post on her blog! I really admire her as a blogger, and so I obviously could not decline her offer! ;) Let me introduce myself: my name is Natalie from @natalielovesbeauty and I am a Canadian beauty blogger, currently studying in university and finding  pleasure in being part of the wonderful world of blogging! :)

I decided to review for you today my all time favourite blush. It is called Hot Flash by Hard Candy, and it is part of their Fox in a Box collection. This blush is super affordable and the quality is outstanding!

Let me first say that the packaging is beyond resembles Benefit Cosmetics's boxed blushes. Hot Flash comes as a quad: the top two shades are great to blend together if you want to achieve a peachier/slightly bronzed look, while the bottom two give you a very vibrant pink flush. On days when I want my blush to look more subtle, I simply use the two shades on the left. Most often though, I just gently swirl my brush around the box, tap off the excess, and apply it right along my cheek bones. The pigmentation of these shades is incredible, so I make sure to apply the blush with a really light hand and blend it out nicely with a dense, clean brush afterwards. The box comes with 5.7 g of product, so it will last you a really long time. I've had mine for over a year now and haven't even hit pan on it yet, and as you can see on the picture below, it barely looks touched although I use it all the time! :)

The top swatch is all the shades blended together :)
You can achieve so many looks with this little gem, it's amazing! Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart. You can see the other shades available in their Fox in a Box collection here. I really want to try Spicy and Sweet next! :D

Thanks again Ashlee for letting me guest post on your blog! :) 
Nat xx

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  1. That looks amazing, i wish i could try some hard candy products!:)

  2. i love those blushes! i did a review on truth or dare from hard candy a while back. it has a bronzed side and a bubble gum pink side. i really love it. the one i wanna try next is spicy and sweet too.

  3. looks like a gorgeous blush but i don't need anymore for the moment! will definitely put this in my to buy list! :)


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