Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Links of the Week!

Hey Guys!

This is a new series I thought would be fun! I surf the internet lots during the week and come across some fun things that I normally share on Twitter so I thought it would be cool to do a link roundup here on the blog every friday! I'll be featuring anything from funny articles to fellow bloggers! Let me know if you have an article you would like to have featured send it along to me on Twitter (@makingupashlee) and I would be ecstatic to check it out!
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I'm all about breaking makeup rules but this article gives great recommendations on colors best suited for your eye and hair color.

The Brit awards aired this week and Glamour asks us would we dare to wear any of these 3 Sassy Beauty Moments. I would probably dare to do the orange lips!

Andrea has an amazing blog called frominsidemycloset where she does visually stunning reviews and tutorials! The day I found her blog, I sat down and read through the whole thing! You guys need to check her out! Bonus: She also does amazing Youtube videos!

Have you guys seen the new Maybelline Spring 2013 Fashion Week Color Goes Electric collection? Phew, that's a mouthful! Wow, those colors are beautiful! Speaking of colors..

Pantone's Spring 2013 Fashion Color Repot shows us what colors we should expect in spring and I love what I see!

Also in makeup news, what are your thoughts of the Riri Hearts Mac collection? I think it's pretty neat it's going to be sold at her concerts!

New Youtuber Alert: I've been hooked on MrsZarai's videos! She does amazing hauls and reviews with all the latest information from the makeup world! Her videos are so fun to watch and she's a natural in front of the camera! Please go check her out and say Hi for me! You guys will love her!

Mind=blown! shows us 7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies and TV Shows. My mind is still processing Pixar's hidden characters and McBain: The Movie.

Would you guys try the World's Most Expensive Starbucks Drink? I'm not sure it looks all that appetizing!

Cute of the Day: Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend with Pug Puppy

OMG of the Day: Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Lastly, are you ready for spring? I love lilac and I will definitely be trying out this tip from The Beauty Department.

What do you guys think of this weeks links? Would you like to see a post like this once a week?
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  1. Great idea Ashlee and i love the new layout, looks great :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I watched that youtube video of hair styling going wrong.. poor girl!!

    Kimberley x

  3. Great idea! Love the new layout Ashlee!

  4. i love from inside my closet and I have been frequenting the pantone color palette for spring on a daily basis! i get exited for the spring ones especially. thanks for sharing some awesome articles! i also love the beauty department. will have to check them out again. i havent been there in months

  5. omg haha the video of the girl burning her hair off...her expression his priceless xD! Great idea to do these every Friday! :)

  6. this is a super cool post! love the idea! I'm going to watch the hair tutorial gone wrong right now! i've seen it posted!

    -ariel* xoxo

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  9. Wow, the lilac liner is amazing!

  10. I love these types of posts! It really introduces your readers to new content!


  11. This was a really nice post ~ I am always looking for something new to read and you have given me so much of it! Haha. Thankyou. New follower here! Haha xx

    (only if you fancy a read!)


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