Friday, February 15, 2013

Haul: Mac Archie's Girls

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Holy Moly.. it's been long time no talk! School totally messed up my blogging schedule I had going. I've been flat out with that and plus *confession time* I was a bit discouraged with my blog design and the way it all looked. I've been trying to figure out if was time to invest in a blog design or should I try to fix it up myself so I decided to take a day, learn a little about HTML and  I came up with this simple blog design which I'm excited about! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! I also want to thank my longtime blogging friend Sabina from Beautyblogsandmore for giving me some awesome photo editing tips!

So without further ado..

I was so excited for the Mac Archie's Girls collection since I heard about it last year! I'm a total Archie Nerd and when I was younger, you wouldn't see me without my nose stuck a Betty and Veronica comic. Did you guys read Archie when you were younger and do you think you're a Betty or a Veronica?

Verdict: Overall, Mac got the colors dead on! I could definitely see Betty and Veronica wearing these colors! Both collections would look great anytime of year but I think the Veronica collection would look especially amazing in winter/fall while Betty's is perfect so spring/summer.
I would pass on Flatter Me and Summer Sweetheart lipglass. Flatter Me isn't pigmented as a blush and there is nicer highlighters on the market like Mac Soft and Gentle or Benefit's Highbeam. Summer Sweetheart is a common peachy/pink which can found in any other makeup brands and it feels drying after sometime of wear.
I recommend the blushes and lipsticks because the blushes are pigmented and gorgeous but you can go overboard if you use a heavy hand. The lipsticks are stunning colors and great on your lips!

What do you think of the colors in this collection? Will you be grabbing up any of these items?
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