Friday, July 26, 2013

Spotted: Rimmel Apocalips in Canada!

Hey Guys,

They have finally made it! I nearly jumped up and down at Shoppers Drug Mart when I spotted the Rimmel Apocalips! They have been out in the UK and US for, what feels like forever, and I was starting to feel neglected here! Right off the bat I have to say- they were well worth the wait. I will be going back for more of these ASAP! 

                                                 Top-bottom: Celestial, Aurora, Stellar
These lipglosses have a satin finish and are ridiculously pigmented. They don't slide around on your lips and the color doesn't bleed. The doefoot applicator makes them easy to apply and the formula keeps your lips moisturized. 

Rimmel has also given us an excellent color range so there is something for everyone.

The only con for me is the smell- for some reason, the smell of most Rimmel products are always off putting for me but I will definitely deal for the Apocalips.

Did you pick up any of the Rimmel Apocalips? If so, what color and what do you think of them? 
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  1. Aurora looks amazing on you! Very pretty ;)



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