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Duckish Starter Kit Review

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Today I'm here with a review of the Duckish Starter Kit. Duckish is a Canadian skin care company that offers a range of bath and body products, including body butter, bath salts, lip balm, lotion sticks and diaper rash sticks, which are all natural and made with organic ingredients. I came across this brand while reading my friend Zoe's blog where I was immediately intrigued by the name Duckish which is Newfoundland slang. Duckish is a word we use to refer to dusk or twilight (ex: It's starting to get duckish out). I had to investigate more so I checked out their website where I found out the owner is originally from Newfoundland! After exploring the website, I decided to reach out and Carolyn offered to send along the Duckish Starter Kit for review so that brings me to today's post.

The Duckish Started Kit includes a variety of skin care items that Duckish has to offer. This kit includes a body butter, lip bomb, bath bombs, bath salts and mini lotion stick. I love how you are able to customize the scents you would like in this kit. The scents offered are as follows:
Bath Salts: Mint, Lavender or Citrus
2 oz Body Butter: Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, Shea (Unscented) or Tea Tree
Mini Lotion Stick: Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, Shea (Unscented) or Tea Tree
Lip Balm: Mint, Pink Grapefruit, or Shea (Unscented) 
Bath Bombs: Lavender, Citrus or CocoRose

The first product I was so excited to try was the lotion stick which I chose in the Shea(unscented) option. It comes in a roll up packaging which makes it easy to apply and take on the go. The lotion is moisturizing and has helped my skin so much since I've started using it. I've been having trouble with dry patches (darn Canadian winters) and they have completely gone away since using this lotion stick. 

 The next product in the starter kit was the body butter in which I chose the Grapefruit scent. This has a thick consistency which melts into the skin leaving me feeling soft and smooth. I've been enjoying using this on my elbows, knees and feet when I'm out of the shower.

For the next product in my starter kit, I chose the Citrus scent in the bath salts. The scent reminds me on freshly squeezed lemonade and makes my mouth water whenever I open the package. When I poured these into my bath and it made the water soft and silky while the scent was refreshing.

Next up was the bath bombs where I chose the Cocorose bombs. They come packaged as 2 and made my bath milky and soft. They scent lingered on my skin when I got out of the bath and I felt so relaxed after using these bath bombs. 

The last product in my Duckish Starter Kit was the Mint lip balm. This had a refreshing scent and left a light oil coating which made my lips feel so comfortable. What I also love about this lip balm is that it does not harden up. Natural lip balms I have used in the past have a tendency to develop a hard layer on top which makes them too hard to apply. This lip balm from Duckish stays the perfect consistency and is one of my newest handbag staples.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of the Duckish Starter Kit. Be sure to check out their website for more amazing natural products!
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