Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dior Skyline Fall 2016 Collection - Diorshow Brow Chalk Review

Brow products have truly become a shining star of the makeup world in recent years and Dior has been on top of the trend with products such as their brow styler which is an ultra fine tip pencil, their all in one brow kit which includes 3 powders with handy styling tools and now they're paving the way with their new Diorshow Brow Chalk!

The Diorshow Brow Chalk is a waterproof colour and shaping tool which combines the colour intensity of a pencil with the staying power of a wax. It has a square shape which helps easily define your brows while making them look naturally bold. I've been enjoying using this pencil on the front of my brows because of the soft texture of the powder. When using a fine tip eyebrow pencil, I can often go overboard making my brows look harsh and unnatural but with the brow chalk from Dior I can lightly define them making my brows look natural and full. 

Diorshow Brow Chalk in 003 Dark Brown
Diorshow Brow Chalk - available in 3 shades: Blond, Soft Brown and Dark Brown ($40.00 CND)

You can see the brow chalk in action in my Dior Skyline Review and Demo here: 


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