Thursday, December 20, 2012

☆Fresh Paint: Essie Eternal Optimist + A Cut Above

Starbucks + Sparkle= Love
 Hey Guys,

This is a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago but it disappeared! I have no clue what happened so I'm doing a quick write up again because I really wanted to show you this mani.

I saw these awesome Essie combo packs at Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal-Mart. I saw 4 different packs, which had gorgeous complementary colors. I picked up the pack which came with Essie's Eternal Optimist and A Cut Above, as well as a glass nail file (which my cat loved playing with lol!)

I wasn't sure how I wanted to use these colors so I flicked onto Pinterest aka The Creative Dictionary.

I saw this gorgeous picture by The Stylish Housewife and I wanted to try to re-create it! I love the subtle touch of glitter! It looks like Tinkerbell sprinkled fairy dust over the bottoms of my nails.

Her post and another pinterest picture also inspired my current manicure which I will post in a couple of days. I am just loving this look!

I used one coat of Eternal Optimist and 2 layers of a cut above. Then I topped it all off with OPI Top Coat.

What do you think of this mani? Will you guys be picking up any of these Essie double packs?


Thursday, December 13, 2012

☆Dulcet-Sparkle Transforms Into MakingUpAshlee

Hey Guys!

I've been contemplating my blog URL for a while now and in my first blog giveaway, I gave extra points for new name suggestions where you all came up with amazing names! I had initially wanted to go with "Ashleeinwonderland" like so many of you had suggested, but I also wanted to have a Youtube channel of the same name just in case I wanted to upload a makeup tutorials and such. To make a long story short and to my disappointment, that username was too long for Twitter and Youtube (boo)!

Ever since that giveaway, I've been brainstorming and attempting usernames to find one that fit my personality but also wasn't already taken on all social media platforms (such a hard task!)

Finally this afternoon, "makingupashlee" hit me, which I love and thought fit perfectly! Firstly, due to my obsession with makeup (of course) and second being the way I use this blog as an outlet to talk about all the little things I love so much. These things help piece together my personality which are the essentials that make me who I am.. aka, "making up ashlee!"

I've only encountered one problem so far which is my GFC gadget is not working! I'm hoping that it will fix itself up by tomorrow. I'm not sure if you guys can see it live on the blog but it says "We're sorry...This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site." Have any of you had this problem before? I can't seem to find my friend connect settings or where to change the home URL.

I hope you guys love this name change as much as I do! I also hope you're all having an excellent day because the weekend is near!! I just finished my exams and drove out to my hometown for Christmas holidays! Are any of you writing exams or on Christmas holidays? If you're writing exams, I hope they go by quick for you!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

☆New Maybelline 24HR Metal Color Tattoo Review + Swatches

Hey Guys!

Today I have a special guest post my friend Sabina who writes an awesome blog called Beauty blogs and more. She does wonderful reviews, she is always on top of the newest products and scores such amazing finds at stores! I'm hooked on her blog and I know you guys will be as well, so please go check her blog out! Take it away Sabina!

Hi Lovelies!

My name is Sabina and I write over at Beauty Blogs & More. I'm a self proclaimed beauty junkie who likes to share her interests with others.  Right from the start I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to Ashlee for giving me the opportunity to guest post on her amazing blog (Yay to my first guest post). I was at school when I read her email and it literally boosted my spirits. It's amazing how a community of like minded people can establish friendships without even knowing each other.  I love that I always get the inside scope on new products, hyped ones, and ones that aren't so great. I can never go a day without reading blogs from my subscription list, it has not only become a part of my daily routine but something that is very dear to me. Thanks again Ashlee, and thank you to the readers who support blogs like Ashlee's and mine!!

I've seen these Color Tattoo eyeshadows countless times while browsing through the beauty isles however I never thought to get them. There's some items that I simply just stare at without buying, then out of impulse randomly they'll come home with me ..does anyone else do that?  Last Thursday I had finished majority of my assignments for my university classes and I needed some retail therapy so I made it my mission to come home with some new goods. While I was walking through Wal-Mart I noticed quite a few new products. For starters, Maybelline has a new lipstick line out, as well as a new mascara! These eyeshadows were among some of the newly released items. I was drawn to these shades because they were soft and neutral for day to day wear. I decided against the gold/ dark blue because it isn't something I wear on a daily basis.Typically I go for a bronzey eye, a light shade on the lid, and a darker color in the crease to amplify the look and give it a bit of depth. I thought this would be a nice change, and the colors paired together look really nice. 

Here's a break down of the product it self and my thoughts!

Quick Description: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are a modern twist to the average powder eyeshadow. They are gel based which allows them to go on like a dream; also they are long lasting, and intense.

Packaging: I really enjoy the packaging on these little guys, they are housed in their own glass jar. The bottom of it is clear so you can see the color visibly. The cap screws off easily and the name of the shadow is labelled on the cap. The product feels like something you would want to spend your money on,  it doesn't feel cheap by any means. 

Pigmentation: I'd say the color pay off is really rich, you can simply swipe once for a lightened effect however if you want the color more deeper you can build it up which I think is fantastic. You don't have to apply any pressure to pick up the shadows, with a swirl of your finger you have  plenty of product that'll spread across your eyelid. The color in the pot is true to the color on your skin, when applied it gives off a frosted/ metallic finish.

Consistency/ Formula: The formula itself is great to work with, as mentioned above it's a gel/ cream consistency. It's silky, smooth and easy to spread when first applied that is. After a little while the product does set and it may be a bit hard to fix edges however,  it isn't something that dries right when it comes into contact with the skin, you have some time to work with. 

So my reasoning behind these colors..I loved them individually, and I loved them even more together. In the store I thought 'Inked in Pink' was more on the maroon side however after coming home and opening it I noticed that it was more of a light pink regardless I still think it's super pretty. Barely Branded is a champagne color, perfect for all skin tones it's somewhat shimmery and frosty. Inked in Pink is another pretty light pink color frosted as well!

TIP: If you wanted to do a matching look using colors within the same range you could use barely branded with Bad to the bronze/ Tough as Taupe to intensify. Likewise using inked in pink with pomegranate punk would darken the look, and create a smokey effect.

Remember how I said the colors set after a while, check out the below pic. I had rinsed my hand under water and gave it a quick scrub and the colors were still in contact. It's nice to know that your eyeshadows aren't going to crease away/ disappear by the end of the day. The lasting power is really great!

What I love...
-The colors: Come in a variety, if your into bolder shades there is something for you
-The formula: Creamy, and super easy to work with, and lasts!
- The application: Swirl and swipe, it's that easy
-The price was fair ($6.96 I believe)

Overall thoughts: I think this product is great in so many ways. I think it's super convenient for the girl on the go! All you need is your finger and the eyeshadow, no brushes required. Personally I think that using a brush would sheer out the color. Barely Branded is a great all over shade, if your in a rush it'll surely help you look more awake and keep your eyes brightened. I love that you can amp the look up my using more color or keep in on the casual by just applying one layer. I am definitely going to get my hands on some of these shadows..

....the Verdict- a PASS from me lol! 

I hope this wasn't too much to take in, I've noticed the length is a bit long haha. I hope you enjoyed this post. A big thank you for reading, and a big thank you to Ashlee for letting me guest post on her blog The Makeup Wonderland. 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

☆November Empties

Hey Guys!

I've been pretty hard on the products this month! I had hardly any Empties in October so I guess they all decided to wait to out for November.

Boots No7 Makeup Remover Wipes- This is my third pack of these. I didn't repurchase this month because my Shoppers Drug Mart received a few Philosophy products so I wanted to try the Purity Makeup Remover wipes. When I finish those I will most definitely repurchase these Boots wipes.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub- This is one of my Holy Grail products and I already have a backup. I usually gently scrub my lips with my toothbrush then go over them with this scrub and all the oils make my lips super soft.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash- It's nice to know how long these last because I went through one last month as well. Lol! This smells so nice and leaves my skin moisturized! I've already bought another one.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter- I love anything peach so I was so excited when I saw this at The Body Shop! I bought 2 crocks of it and I would gladly buy this lovely smelly moisturizer again.

Bath and Body Works Country Apple Body Spray- This was perfect for the fall but near the end I was excited to change it up and get rid of it. I probably would have bought again next fall, but Bath and Body Works discontinued this scent.

VS Pink Body Mist in Fresh and Clean- This smelled so good! It has notes of Crisp Apple and Soft Lily. I think I will repurchase this next time I get to a Victoria Secret.

L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray- I love how you can spray this, comb it out and spray again without your hair getting hard or gross but this hairspray didn't last long enough through the day for my liking. I also don't like the strong smell but if I would have just bought the Unscented next time. Unfortunately, I don't think I like the formula enough to buy again.

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes- This didn't work for my lashes at all. It just made them a clumpy mess so I won't repurchase.

Korres Mascara- This dried out before I was able to form a real opinion on it and I'm not able to buy Korres products where I live except the odd time they come into Winners so I won't be repurchasing.

Korres Primer- I received this sample when I ordered my Tarte Lipsurgences and blushes. I really liked this primer! It made my foundation stay on throughout the day and I love how Korres uses natural ingredients. I would purchase full size if I could buy Korres here.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream- This is another sample I received from Sephora. This eye cream was awesome! It hydrated under my eyes and I saw a difference in the fine lines under my eyes during my short time using this! If you are able to get a sample of this, I highly recommend trying it! I would consider ordering this full size when I run out of my Benefit Eye Cream.

Kibo Eye Contour Cream- This was nice but nothing compared to the Fresh Black Tea eye cream.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream- This made my skin really red and made it feel like it was burning! Totally didn't work for me and I wouldn't purchase the full size.

Pumpkin Caramel Latte Candle- This smelled so yummy! I wish I would've bough a bigger one! I will definitely repurchase if they bring it out next fall! :)

Have you guys finished up any products this month? Anything you liked or disliked?
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

☆Review: Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Hot Flash

Hey Guys!

Today I have a special guest post from the lovely Natalie (Natalielovesbeauty). She has awesome tips, reviews and nail of the day posts. Every time she posts about nail polish, I always want to run out and buy the color she talked about! She's so sweet and does an amazing job blogging so please go check her out! Now without further ado.. Take it away Natalie!

Hello there!

I am beyond excited to have been invited by the lovely Ashlee to do a guest post on her blog! I really admire her as a blogger, and so I obviously could not decline her offer! ;) Let me introduce myself: my name is Natalie from @natalielovesbeauty and I am a Canadian beauty blogger, currently studying in university and finding  pleasure in being part of the wonderful world of blogging! :)

I decided to review for you today my all time favourite blush. It is called Hot Flash by Hard Candy, and it is part of their Fox in a Box collection. This blush is super affordable and the quality is outstanding!

Let me first say that the packaging is beyond resembles Benefit Cosmetics's boxed blushes. Hot Flash comes as a quad: the top two shades are great to blend together if you want to achieve a peachier/slightly bronzed look, while the bottom two give you a very vibrant pink flush. On days when I want my blush to look more subtle, I simply use the two shades on the left. Most often though, I just gently swirl my brush around the box, tap off the excess, and apply it right along my cheek bones. The pigmentation of these shades is incredible, so I make sure to apply the blush with a really light hand and blend it out nicely with a dense, clean brush afterwards. The box comes with 5.7 g of product, so it will last you a really long time. I've had mine for over a year now and haven't even hit pan on it yet, and as you can see on the picture below, it barely looks touched although I use it all the time! :)

The top swatch is all the shades blended together :)
You can achieve so many looks with this little gem, it's amazing! Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart. You can see the other shades available in their Fox in a Box collection here. I really want to try Spicy and Sweet next! :D

Thanks again Ashlee for letting me guest post on your blog! :) 
Nat xx

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

☆Firmoo Giveaway

Hey Guys!

I was contacted by Firmoo to host a giveaway on my blog! is an online eyeglasses store who says they've always been committed to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. I scoped out the site and they have many stylish glasses and sunglasses to suit anyones style and at super low prices!

I love that you're able to try the glasses on by uploading a picture of yourself to the site. You guys know me.. I had to go try this out for myself.

Here is a little more information about the Giveaway:
-25 followers will win a $20 Gift Card for Firmoo
-I will choose the winners Dec. 18th, 2012 through Rafflecopter
-This giveaway is international
- 5 Winners will be picked via Rafflecopter
-The voucher applies to any order excluding the designer glasses. It doesn't cover the shipping fee and expires on Dec. 25th 23:59:59.
Good Luck! :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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☆November Favorites!

Hey Guys!

November just flew on by and now I'm counting down the days until holidays! Yay! Only another week + a half and I'll have almost a month of holidays! Woop! I don't have many makeup favorites this month so hopefully in December I will have lots from trying out all kinds of holiday makeup looks!


Philosophy Purity Makeup Remover wipes- I love the smell of these and how clean they make my face feel. They're so quick and simple for those late study nights when I don't feel like going through my whole skincare routine.

*Not Pictured: Moisturizers + Moisture Masks: The cold wind has been doing major drying damage to my skin and having a drying skincare routine like ProActiv certainly doesn't help. I have been compulsively using my ProActiv Green Tea moisturizer and I've been trying out 2 moisture masks which have been doing wonders! The first is the Dior "Hydra Life" Beauty Awakening Rehydrating Mask which is a mask you leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash off. When I use this, my skin feels instantly hydrated and glowing. I've also been using the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which you can leave on overnight and wake up with hydrated skin. Both masks do not make my skin feel oily afterwards and sooth dry skin amazingly.


Naked 2 Palette- This month I've been religiously using 3 colors from the Naked 2 palette. Bootycall all over my lid, Tease in the crease and Blackout on my upper lash line. This hasn't exactly been my most creative makeup month ever ;)

Blush Combo! MAC Well Dressed + Maybelline Fresh Pink- I've been stippling on Maybelline Fresh Pink under Well Dressed to give it a natural punch and a little more oomph.. If that makes sense at all. Lol!

Polysporin Overnight Lip Health- OMG.. This stuff is no joke.. It's seriously amazing. Nate came across this stuff because he's been suffering with dry/cracked lips and this magic balm made it all better overnight. After I saw this miracle, I started snagging some for myself and! Please go out and try this if you have dry lips from the winter cold!


Coach Poppy Perfume- I hauled this out after storing it away for a little while (Do you guys switch out your perfumes every so often?). Accoring to the Coach website, this perfume has notes of "sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia blend with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals". 



I can't stop listening to Hey Ho by The Lumineers and It's Time by Imagine Dragons.


Nom nommmm.. I have been loving veggie straws and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.


This month I watched Beauty and the Briefcase which was hilarious! Hilary Duff was so funny in this movie and I think it's the perfect chick flick to watch when having girls night with friends!
I also watched Wreck it Ralph which is probably going under the Favorite Movies of all time category! It was sooooo good! I also dragged poor Nate to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 this month as well! What more can I say? Have you guys seen it? Is there any Twilight fans out there?

TV Show:

I recently watched a video on Youtube (it just has everything doesn't it?) about how to get American Netflix if you're in Canada. Erm.. Not totally sure if this is allowed but it worked so now we have a ton of movies + tv shows we didn't have before. (Hello Postman Pat!) This month we haven't been able to stop watching Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) and Les Stroud (Survivorman) survive the impossible and eat as many disgusting things as possible.


I've recently starting playing Tiny Tower and Draw Something again! Woo! If any of you have these add me (ashleep134) and we'll check out each others towers and I'll try to draw you an awesome picture! :)

OU! Just a little heads up: This month I'm doing (trying to do.. lol!) the #decemberphotoadaymakeupchallenge *Phew*. If you guys are interested, follow me (DulcetSparkle) on Instagram and let me know if you are doing this challenge!

So enough about me! What have you guys been loving this month? :)
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Monday, December 3, 2012

☆Haul: I Found Treasure!.. at the Drugstore?

Hey Guys!

Wowza! It was my 6th month blogiversary just a few days ago! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!

I found some new Maybelline makeup items this weekend and I wanted to share with you!

I went on a Treasure Hunt and I dragged poor Nate all around town searching for these items.. He was so tired of makeup shopping by the end of it.
I found the new Vivid lipsticks which are so beautiful and sooo bright! I almost bought Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral but I feel like they're colors I would wear in the summer rather than winter.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

☆Tarte's Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush enthusiast set Swatches

Hey Guys!                                                             Today I bring you the Tarte Fantastic Foursome  Amazonian Clay 12-hr blush enthusiast set.. *phew*.. That's a mouthful. These blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay which sounds like a miracle! describes the benefits of Amazonian Clay for each skin type:"For oily skin types, Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Those with dry skin will benefit from the clay's nourishing and hydrating properties, which naturally restore skin's moisture. Combination skin types can rely on its ability to zero in on skin concerns and deliver benefits to restore complexion harmony. The result? Blush that wears better, longer, and truer!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

☆Tarte 5-piece LipSurgence Collector's Set Swatches

Hey Guys!

Tarte has come out with another Christmas value set that comes with 5 lip colors. They are all gorgeous colors and it is sets like these which make me wish we had a Sephora where I live. I would totally stock up on different sets, split them up and give to friend's as Christmas gifts!

The packaging is adorably girly and on the back of the box it has a gift tag where you can write the name of the lucky recipient of this awesome gift. It also says which colors come with this set on the back of the box.

This set includes:
2 full size LipSurgence lip tints in Enchanted (sheer rose) and Elite (sheer melon)
2 full size LipSurgence lip lusters in Escape (shimmering pink) and Sweet (shimmering peachy pink)
1 fill size LipSurgence matte lip tint in Exposed (the perfect nude)

L-R: Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite
All the Lipsurgence's seem natural and wearable but there isn't as much variety of colors in the swatches as it seems when you see them in the packaging. They are similar shades, but I love pinks all the same. Escape and Sweet have some sparkles and they all have that nice minty smell. I've only worn Enchanted so far and it makes me want to wear some white eyeshadow, cat eyeliner and sing Taylor Swift songs all day :) ♪ I was enchanted to meet you Tarte LipSurgencessssss ♪ Side note: I think Enchanted is one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs.. It's so b-e-autiiiiful!

L-R: Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite
One of my favorite things about Tarte is they are aim to provide a healthy makeup alternative with ingredients that are good for you. Tarte LipSurgences are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic fragrance which are things we should be all watching for in our beauty products! Another little plus is the LipSurgences do not require a sharpener which can get messy and annoying.

This gift set is sold at Sephora and is $34 US ($120 Retail Value) and $44 Cdn ($156 Retail Value) which is a super deal since one LipSurgence is regular $31 Cdn.

Do you think you will be picking up this set or passing? Is there any Sephora Christmas gift sets you've been eyeing this year?
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

☆Fresh Paint: Sephora by OPI Metro Chic

Please ignore my sad, stressed nails! :(
Hey Guys!

Oh my goodness- long time no talk! I might be a bit absent for the next couple of weeks because I have finals coming up, but I'll be all finished December 8th! I can't wait to do some major posting and talking to you guys! I'm also thinking about posting some holiday makeup tutorials here. Please let me know if you guys like the sound of that! :)

Today's nail of the day is Sephora by OPI Metro Chic which is a classic, coveted fall color. In this picture, I have 2 coats of Metro Chic and one coat of OPI Top Coat. When I took this picture, I was after wearing this nail polish for 4 days so the staying power is awesome!

A great dupe and cheaper alternative for this color is Rimmel Steel Grey so I would recommend checking it out if you can't get this one.

What are you guys wearing on your nails today and how is everything? I feel like it's been so long since I've gotten to talk with you guys!
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Friday, November 2, 2012

☆October Favorites + Empties

Hey guys,

October has been like the flu month for me. I feel like I just couldn't shake this one.. I'm finally starting to come around though. Unfortunately, I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup this month but I do have some staples that will help get you through the flu. This post will also have my empties because I only have a few to show this month so.... let's get this show on the road!


Friday, October 26, 2012

☆My First Giveaway!

Hey Guys,

If you follow me on Instagram (@dulcetsparkle), you'll see that I recently found the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip balm set at Lawton's Drugs. I was seriously so excited because I didn't think I'd be able to find them anywhere where I live so I picked up one for myself.. and one for you guys!!

This is my first blog giveaway and it's just a little something to thank you guys for following my blog and being so supportive! I hope to do more giveaways in the near future so please stay tuned!

Rules to enter:
  • You have to be a GFC follower
  • You must live in Canada or the United States (sorry to my international readers!)
  • If under the age of 18, you must have permission from a parent before entering

 The Prize

I love these things! I think my favorite so far is the Watermelon! Yum! My EOS collection is getting a little crazy.. I think I might have 7 now!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FOTD☆Pumpkin Cherry Tart?

Hey Guys!

Pumpkinfest + Cherry Tart Lip Butter= a pumpkin cherry tart kind of day :)

Last weekend my boyfriend and I checked out Pumpkinfest in our town! We got to see cute animals, watch the hayrides and we found a pumpkin to carve! We had lots of fun and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to dress up in for the occasion in fall clothes!

For my makeup that day I was inspired by Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Beauty. Have you girls heard of it? It has tons of great tips, instructions and a makeup look for whatever your style. I highly recommend!

I wanted something quick and simple that day so I looked under the "Classic" section and one of the girls pictured had lined eyes, mauve cheeks and red lips, so I wanted to try and re-create the look! Here's what I used:


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 115 Buff
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch in Radiant
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light (which is almost all gone! I think it's gonna be the first power I ever finished!)


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Naked on lid and Buck in crease)
Urban Decay Naked 2 (Blackout to line my upper lash line)
I really should pick myself up a liquid liner. I find powder smears off into my crease midday even with the primer potion. Do you guys rather liquid, powder or gel eyeliner?


Benefit Highbeam (cheekbones, cupids bow)
Benefit Hervana Blush ( It wore off so fast that day :( )


Revlon Cherry Tart Lip Butter
Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss in 565C (This lipgloss is not sticky and all and gives a nice berry tint!)

So there we have it guys! What makeup are you rocking today? Have you attended any fun fall events this season?
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest Post☆Maybelline Line Stiletto Review

Hey Guys!

Today I'm so excited because I have Huda from Huda's Beauty as a guest blogger! She has an amazing blog where she does awesome reviews and eyeshadow that looks like art! If you haven't already seen her blog, please go over and check it out! 

I've been having an eye on this eyeliner ever since I first heard and used its mascara counterpart (which by the way is one of my favorites!). As impressed as was with its mascara, I had high expectations with the eyeliner as well. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

I ❤ Fall TAG!

Hey Guys,

Another tag! Oh my goodness, I'm hooked on them lately but they're just so much fun to do! I hope you guys don't mind~

This one was created by Jenny or MissJenFabulous on Youtube.. I have been watching her videos since she first started and she's just so lovely so I was majorly excited when I saw this Fall Tag she created! Her videos are always such a pleasure to watch and she can do some amazing things with nail polish (I've been obsessed with her Halloween nail polish tutorials).

P.s If you guys decide to do this tag please leave your link below so we can all check it out! :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

☆Fresh Paint: Essie Bahama Mama

Hey Guys,

Today I have Essie Bahama Mama which has been swooned out a lot lately on Youtube. I can't blame them for loving this warm, creamy deep plum because it's just so perfect for fall!

I used two coats of Essie Bahama Mama which made it completely opaque and topped with OPI Top Coat. You could definitely go with one coat but I find two deepens up the color perfectly. I think this might just be the popular color this season guys!

By the looks of things, Bahama Mama is part of the Essie permanent collection so it should fairly easy to find in stores.

P.S: Please don't mind my sad nail I have in hiding. She's a bit rough looking at the moment because we had a little nail breakage accident.

What do you guys think of this color? What are currently rocking on your nails?
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Monday, October 15, 2012

☆Wishlist #2

Hey Guys,

Have you ever had those items that you just can't shake off your mind? We have those impulse wants and then there's those products that you see in your sleep. Here are the products that have been haunting me in my sleep screaming "Buy Me, Buy Me" (Lol!).

Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Enchanted perfume- I loved the smell of her Wonderstruck perfume but I didn't like the way it smelled on my skin. This new scent is right up my alley with it's blend of wild berries and flowers, with notes of passion fruit, white musk and vanilla.

Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond- It's so beautiful! It looks like a gorgeous highlight and it's enriched with Jeweled Microdust! I don't know what jeweled microdust is but I sure want some. Did Tinkerbell invent this stuff!?

Stila Lilium- I couldn't find a picture of Lilium by itself on Polyvore so I had to stick in the 3 products (not that I would mind having them too.. lol!) but I have been eyeing Lilium since last year. It's described as an apricot/peach which I think would be perfect for my light neutral/golden skin tone.

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump- My hair has a hard time being voluminous and I've heard so many great things about this lately so I would love to see if it lives up to the hype.

Revlon Colorstay nail polish in Blue Slate, Vintage Rose and Pale Cashmere (not pictured) - After I posted about the Revlon Colorstay Spanish Moss polish, I got a lot of great color suggestions from you guys! I also love the formula and the brush so I definitely need to pick some more up!

Essie Raspberry-  I'm on a nail polish kick lately and this red/berry creme shade is perfect for this time of year.

Benefit They're Real Mascara- This is it's second appearance on my wish list post but I've recently seen it on my lovely friend Sophierosehearts' lashes and she sold me! Her lashes look spectacular with They're Real on! Please go over and check out her post because it is a must read!

Urban Decay Vice Palette- I am a Urban Decay palette collector because their shadows are always such amazing quality! This palette has 20 never seen before shades and I adore the packaging of this one!

Have you guys tried any of these products? If so, what do you think of them? Do you have any items you're lusting after lately?

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